Bundle Up in Style: 27 Winter Outfit Ideas Featuring Coats

Have you ever suffered from your adorable winter ensemble due to low temperatures? Don’t worry, your bulky coat doesn’t have to ruin your perfectly chosen look. With these winter outfit ideas featuring coats, you’ll look flawless.

With the right style, your warm winter coat can become your new favorite addition to your outfit, not only because it keeps you warm.

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So, how do you wear all those necessary winter layers without sacrificing your style? Well, the secret lies in the rest of your ensemble.

Firstly, it is important to properly mix the different textures you will want to wear.

On the other hand, color coordination is also key to seamlessly combining your winter jacket with the rest of your ensemble.

Believe it or not, some of your favorite celebrities use these cool winter fashion tips and tricks to look impeccable in cold weather. Want to see it for yourself?

Keep scrolling to discover the coolest ways to wear cozy garments that will complete your cute winter outfits.

27 Winter Outfit Ideas Featuring Coats: Awesome Styles

Long Lines

Vertical stripes, high-rise trousers, and a floor-grazing trench will give your outfit a strong presence, allowing you to command a room.

The velvety texture of Camila’s coat perfectly ties the entire look together.

Winter outfit ideas featuring coats: Long Lines.
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Holiday Sparkle

Winter is the ideal season to bring out the glitzy mini skirt for a festive vibe. It can be paired with a cozy sweater, pantyhose, and knee-high boots for a glamorous image.

And once that’s done, it’s perfectly acceptable to change back into comfortable sweats.

Holiday Sparkle.
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Blue Cinderella

We all adore a fabulous cardigan. You can wear yours by buttoning it up and layering it over a mini skirt, just like Nicola Coughlan did during Fashion Week.

This will give you a cute look with school uniform vibes.

Cinderella Blue.
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Max Casual

Take your laziness to the next level by wearing a sweatsuit that you may or may not have slept in.

It’s the perfect winter outfit, especially when you pair it with a puffer jacket and fashionable boots.

This combination will give you the ultimate streetwear vibes.

Max Casual.
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A Pop of Orange

From electric tangerine to neon orange and fiery rust, this color is an easy way to create a warm and vibrant look in winter.

A Pop of Orange.
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Mixed Technique

The burgundy appearance is definitely worth copying.

It effortlessly combines silky textures with bolder ones, while incorporating touches of print, from snake skin on your jacket to subtle geometric patterns on your pants.

Mixed Media.
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All Wrapped Up Warm

Everyone knows that ice skating is not only about skating, but also about the outfits.

To exude the vibes of a snow princess, simply wear a scarf in shades of icy blue and gray.

All Bundled Up.
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Cool Energy

Yes, it is still possible to wear your favorite crop top during winter. Simply combine it with a cozy beanie and a stylish leather coat.

In case it gets freezing, you can wear a lightweight zippered puffer under your leather coat to stay warm.

Cool Kid Energy.
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Glimpses of the 2000s

Bootcut is making a comeback. This style adds some excitement to your jeans, making them perfect for tucking into tall boots or wearing over a pair of heels.

'00s Flares.
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Black and Floral

A vintage-inspired jacket can really elevate a simple black outfit.

Keep in mind that throwing on a bold jacket is the fastest way to look chic without putting in any effort at all.

Black and Florals.
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Boss Vibe

Recreate Rihanna’s jumpsuit moment by pairing a leather jacket with leather pants.

This will give you a stylish and upgraded suit-like look. If the weather is freezing, you can add a knee-length black coat on top to complete the overall ensemble.

Boss Vibes.
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Matchy Matchy

If you have boots that match your winter coat, it’s a must to wear them together like Gigi Hadid.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple to let your statement pieces shine.

Matchy Matchy.
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Rock ‘n Roll Shades

This winter outfit is the epitome of edgy style.

It features snow-busting combat boots, rocker red flares, and a sleek black puffer jacket.

Rock 'n Roll Colors.
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Dressy Layers

You can wear your favorite dress all year long, even in cold temperatures, by layering.

Adding a denim jacket over the dress and wearing a solid pair of jeans underneath will keep you warm and stylish.

Dressy Layers.
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Ultra ’90s

Kendall’s grungy outfit is incredibly cozy and extremely cool.

She combined a hoodie and mom jeans with pointed-toe boots and a vintage-inspired shearling coat.

Ultra '90s.
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Casual Latex

Amp up your legging game with a touch of latex, just like Addison Rae.

You can pair them with an oversized sweater or throw on a boxy boyfriend blazer to give the fashion staple a cool and relaxed vibe.

Casual Latex.
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Athleisure and Synthetic Leather

Behold the ultimate winter outfit hack for those who despise being cold. The key lies in the pants.

Opt for faux leather trousers instead of leggings. The thick fabric will shield you from the biting wind and, let’s be honest, it gives off a ridiculously stylish vibe.

Athleisure and Pleather.
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Fancy Athleisure

Let’s talk about Kim’s outfit. She decided to wear her most fabulous fur coat over a simple, monochrome look.

The highlight of her outfit was none other than a pair of gym pants. If you want to keep your legs warm while running, I recommend opting for a fleece-lined pair.

Fancy Athleisure.
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Artistic Layers

It’s actually possible to wear ski pants over fleece-lined tights and get the same feeling but with more warmth.

This outfit is a great example of vintage-cool winter style. I mean, who would have thought to layer a choker over a turtleneck? It’s genius.

Artsy Layers.
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Contrasting Textures

This is the way to wear all black. Combine a structured blazer, slouchy hoodie, and patent leather pants for the perfect mix of texture.

The contrast between laid-back and ultra-polished gives this look a fashionable feel.

Contrasting Textures.
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Boxy Blazer

A loose pair of jeans and a big blazer are the ultimate in comfort. To make the look more polished, add simple hoop earrings as accessories.

As for your hair, pull it back into a ballerina bun.

Boxy Blazer.
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Parisian Chic

Feel like you’re strolling through the streets of Paris, even though you’re just heading to class.

Simply layer all the faux leather pieces from your wardrobe, then add a teddy coat and a beret on top.

Parisian Chic.
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Elevated Sweats

The simplest method to upgrade your winter outfit (sweatpants and sneakers, to be exact) is by incorporating some leather.

To truly perfect the look, throw on a “shacket” and carry a matching bag.

Elevated Sweats.
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Boots as Pants

Simone Ashley changed her pants for a pair of super-tall leather boots that stop right where her dress ends.

To balance the short sleeves of her dress, she also wore a pair of long gloves.

Boots as Pants.
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Monochrome Outfits

Match your puffer jacket with your pants to make sure that it complements your outfit, as the jacket itself is the main part of your outfit.

Dua’s look might be Balenciaga, but you can easily achieve a similar vibe with any solid color.

Monochrome Outfits.
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Cool-Girl Staples

Every “Cool Girl” should have a pair of black Vans, camo pants, and a sporty puffer jacket in her closet.

You can wear all of them together for a simple yet stylish look.

Cool-Girl Staples.
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Retro Androgyny

Rock all of your unisex pieces at once to create the ultimate normcore ensemble.

Pair a beanie, a white tee, a trench coat, and Chuck Taylors for a flawless look that works perfectly together.

Retro Androgyny.
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Woman in white winter coat outdoors in a forest on a snowy day.
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