Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair And How to Apply It

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re interested in discovering how you can use olive oil for your hair. As a result, you will enhance its beauty and have exceptional chemical-free care.

Extra virgin olive oil is a 100% natural product and is increasingly used as an ingredient in the manufacture of multiple products for different treatments and cosmetic applications. Today, in particular, I’ll show you how to use the oil to care for and improve the appearance of your hair and scalp. Don’t miss it!

Properties of Olive Oil for Hair: What it is good for

Olive oil gives your hair a much healthier appearance by breaking down its dryness. This is because it has super moisturizing qualities that make it more lustrous and shiny.

It is the best component to repair hair damage through hygiene routines that will be very convenient for you.

It is capable of restoring hair to its natural grace, making it much stronger and preventing hair loss.

In addition, it contributes to cell regeneration thanks to its high Vitamin C and Vitamin A content.

Likewise, the richness of the oil in Vitamin E makes it the most suitable product to combat the harmful consequences of continuous exposure of hair to the sun.

Thanks to its incredible qualities, it can eliminate any condition that affects your scalp. Thus, you will be able to wear an ideal hairstyle in any circumstance without having to worry about its condition.

Also, you should know that using olive oil as a natural remedy can also be used to treat head lice successfully.

As you can see, this oil can help you regenerate the overall appearance of your hair, as well as treat specific conditions in a healthy, safe, and very natural way.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Hair: For All Types

One of the oils that can give your hair a beautiful shine is olive oil.

Surprising as it may seem, olive oil for hair can be used effectively on all types of hair, whether dry, oily, or curly.

However, you must pay attention to the qualities of your hair in order to use this product successfully and achieve the best possible results.

Read carefully!

Olive Oil for Dry Hair

Olive oil in hair is the most effective treatment to moisturize dry hair that tends to break easily.

Among other things, continuous exposure to the sun can cause the hair to look poorly cared for and lacking in nourishment.

A night mask of olive oil on hair can help you regain good hydration. Sometimes, however, it is also necessary to clean up the ends by cutting the hair.

Olive Oil for Greasy Hair

Olive oil is also suitable for treating oily hair.

However, in this case, you should only use it every two weeks to avoid excess sebum and only apply a small amount, mainly on the ends.

A few drops of lavender oil can be mixed with olive oil to regulate the hair’s oiliness and help it look its best.

Olive Oil for Curly Hair

Olive oil for hair has an anti-frizz function that can be useful for an ideal hairstyle.

This product not only gives the hair an unequaled softness but also repairs the damage of hair subjected to the constant use of mousse or hair gel.

This way, the curl of your hair will be lighter, and you will be able to manage it more easily, as well as straighten it without so many complications.

Since taming such hair can be difficult, this oil is a practical solution. Whether you want a defined curly mane or perfectly straight hair, with the right masks, it is possible.

How to Use Olive Oil in Hair

As you already know, this type of oil can have enormous benefits on any type of hair, whether dry, oily, or curly.

To take advantage of all the benefits of olive oil for your hair, it is preferable to use the highest possible quality; that is, extra virgin olive oil, extracted by a first cold pressing and organic or bio. Its natural composition provides it with optimal nutritional properties to enhance hair health.

Keep in mind that proper application of this oil will translate into visible results almost from the first use.

Therefore, be sure to follow these basic recommended guidelines.

Olive Oil as a Hair Treatment: Hair Masks

Remember that it is preferable to use the oil before showering, and you can even leave it on overnight.

Natural conditioner

You will need:

  • 1 – 2 tablespoons of olive oil


Apply the oil to your scalp with an intense massage.

Next, proceed to perform the same movements on the rest of the hair, with emphasis on the ends. The hair will use all its nutrients to look impeccable.

Finally, wash the hair thoroughly using good quality shampoo to create a good effect.

Hot oil treatment

It is also possible to use the oil as a natural conditioner. Just using a small amount of oil will give you good results.

You need:

  • 1 – 2 tablespoons of olive oil

How to apply:

Heat the oil in the microwave for about twenty seconds.

After applying the oil by gently massaging from the head downwards, cover the hair with a shower cap.

Keep it overnight until the next day and wash it as usual.

With a low dose of this oil, you will avoid the production of sebum in the hair.

Deep nourishing mask

If you want to benefit from an olive oil hair mask with incredible effects, then use one overnight.

You can use it weekly to improve your hair, no matter what its current state is. Pay attention to the following!


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • egg yolk
  • 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel


Heat the oil in a microwave oven for only ten seconds.

Add 2 tablespoons of egg yolk and aloe vera gel.

After thoroughly washing and drying your hair, apply the mask from the scalp to the ends, gently massaging each area.

When you’re done, put on a shower cap and go to sleep.

The next day, you can rinse your hair as you normally do during washing and enjoy!

Olive oil for curly or frizzy hair

On the other hand, if your hair is curly or has a tendency to wave, you could use the oil as a leave-in conditioner with an anti-frizz effect.

You will need:

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

How to use:

Pour enough oil to cover your palms.

Apply only on the hair, focusing on the ends.

However, do not apply directly to the scalp.

Nourishing mask

However, if you want to prepare a mask for any other time of the day, then this is a good idea.


  • olive oil
  • coconut oil


Combine the olive oil with the same amount of coconut oil carefully.

Then, use the mixture on your scalp by first rubbing the surface thoroughly but gently, and then on the rest of your hair.

Half an hour later, you can rinse it with your usual shampoo.

What Other Oils Can Revitalize Hair?

Apart from olive oil for hair, other oils are also used in hair treatments.

Castor oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, or avocado oil have interesting properties that can completely transform your hair.

If, for example, you need to find a very moisturizing oil, avocado oil is the most suitable. Its qualities will not only restore the health of your hair but will also contribute to accelerate the hair growth process.

In addition, argan oil is ideal for the ends of the hair, and coconut oil is the most advisable to eliminate dandruff and excess hair oil.

In order to choose the most suitable for you, it is important to know in detail all their properties and to know what each of them is used for.

Natural oils are, without a doubt, a great option to give your hair the nourishment it needs.


The use of extra virgin olive oil in hair has great properties to repair your hair and give it back the healthy look it used to have.

By applying a natural hair mask once a week, you can see how your hair recovers from any condition. And this natural remedy will provide you with the care you need at this time.

Using vegetable oils such as olive oil for hair is the most natural way to feel beautiful; discover its uses and applications to have the best tricks in your power!

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