Essential Oils for Cellulite [The Most Effective]

Essential oils for cellulite are excellent allies. Their ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the dermis makes them a very effective option.

If you want to discover which are the best essential oils to prevent and reduce cellulite, or if you are interested in knowing the best combinations between them and how to use them, continue reading, and you will learn all the keys.

Cellulite: A Very Frequent Aesthetic Problem

Cellulite is one of the most common aesthetic problems in women. According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), between 85% and 98% of women have cellulite at some point in their adolescence.

This condition, which occurs in the hypodermis, is caused by excessive hormone production that interferes with the proper functioning of fat cells. As these cells do not drain properly, they become inflamed and, as they increase in size, interfere with the circulation of fluids.

Cellulite, better known as “orange peel skin,” can be located anywhere on the body but is most commonly found on the sides of the thighs or the buttocks.

The risk factors are varied and are related to hormones, diet, genetics, and lifestyle. Thus the most common causes of its appearance are:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Diet
  • Slow metabolism
  • Total body fat
  • Sedentary life
  • A diet rich in sodium

The Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Essential oils are a natural and effective remedy to fight cellulite. This skin condition does not contract suddenly but develops over time. It is advisable to use essential oils to prevent it.

These oils have a great capacity to penetrate the skin and, therefore, in general, help in the drainage of accumulated toxins.

The list of essential oils that are effective in treating this ailment is extensive. The most commonly used are described below.

Fennel or Sweet Fennel Oil

Foeniculum vulgare

Fennel is one of the most used essential oils in the treatment of cellulite due to its diuretic and stimulating properties.

This oil activates the detoxification of the body. Its diuretic properties promote sweating and urination, thus helping to prevent fluid retention. It also tones the skin and improves its elasticity.

Cypress Oil

Cupressus sempervirens

Cypress essential oil has antiseptic, astringent, and diuretic properties.

It is well-known for helping the lymphatic system to drain toxins and impurities. It is also effective for cellulite treatments because it stimulates blood circulation.

Geranium Oil

Pelargonium graveolens

The astringent, antiseptic, tonic, and diuretic properties of geranium essential oil improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

It has anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing capabilities that can be very helpful, especially for women.

Use geranium oil for cellulite.
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Geranium is an excellent ally for the health of the whole body and one of the best oils to fight cellulite. Thanks to its effects, it eliminates toxins and stimulates the elimination of liquids.

Citrus Oils

Citrus essential oils have vitamin C as their main ingredient. This vitamin promotes the creation of collagen and improves the distribution of connective tissue under the skin.

In addition, they have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and diuretic properties, making them very effective in the fight against fluid retention.

These oils are photosensitive (phototoxic) so be careful not to expose your skin to the sun’s rays after application.

Below, you can learn about some of the most common citrus oils to fight cellulite:

Lemon Oil

Citrus limon

Lemon essential oil is antiseptic, healing, and anti-seborrheic. It is applied in massages to stimulate microcirculation and improve tissue nutrition.

Orange Blossom or Neroli Oil

Citrus aurantium amara

Orange blossom essential oil is relaxing, antispasmodic, and detoxifying. It is recommended to improve circulation.

Mandarin Oil

Citrus reticulata or Citrus nobilis

Mandarin essential oil has antifungal properties, is soothing, and a cellular regenerator. It improves circulation.

Use mandarin oil for cellulite.
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Sweet Orange Oil

Citrus sinensis

The sweet orange essential oil contains vitamins A, B, and C. It is indicated to improve lymphatic drainage and promote collagen production.

Grapefruit Oil

Citrus paradisi

It stimulates lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins, reduces fat accumulation under the skin, and improves blood circulation.

Other Effective Essential Oils to Fight Cellulite

Essential oils that help in the prevention and treatment of cellulite are numerous.

In addition to those described in this post, you can consider other options, which are also effective in the treatment of this unsightly ailment.

Birch Oil

Betula lenta

Birch essential oil improves the elimination of toxins and retained liquids that favor the appearance of cellulite.

Juniper Oil

Juniperus communis

Juniper essential oil has vasodilator properties and therefore activates blood circulation and reduces fat.

It also contributes to the elimination of toxins and liquids, thanks to its diuretic properties.

Sage Oil

Salvia officinalis

Sage essential oil balances hormones and reduces inflammation.

Celery Oil

Apium graveolen

Celery essential oil helps rid the body of excess fluid by increasing the amount of urine. It eliminates toxins from the body and decreases cellulite fat deposits.

Thyme Oil

Thymus vulgaris, Thymus zygis

Thyme essential oil stimulates blood circulation and is depurative, so it helps to reduce fluid retention and eliminate toxins. It also balances hormones.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum verum

Cinnamon essential oil (leaf or bark) strengthens the connective tissue, improving skin tension. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation, helping to eliminate toxins and reduce cellulite.

Use cinnamon oil for cellulite.
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Rosemary Oil

Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary essential oil is ideal for massage. This oil eliminates toxins from the body, stimulates circulation, strengthens the lymphatic system, and eliminates excess water in the body.

Oregano Oil

Oreganum vulgare

Oregano essential oil helps stimulate blood circulation and expel toxins from the most stubborn areas.

Lemongrass Oil

Cymbopogon citratus, Cymbopogon flexuosus

Lemongrass essential oil treats cellulite by eliminating excess water and toxins from the body. It also helps to eliminate fat under the skin and tones the body.

Atlas Cedar Oil

Cedrus atlantica

Atlas Cedar essential oil treats excess fat, eliminates toxins, and therefore treats cellulite.  Some oils with which it blends well are cypress, juniper and grapefruit.

Apart from the oils mentioned so far, essential oils such as hazelnut, peppermint, spearmint, benzoin, and carrot seeds are also used in the treatment of cellulite.

Cellulite Essential Oil Blends

You have already seen the benefits that the use of a single essential oil can bring you in the prevention and treatment of cellulite. If you combine the benefits of several of them, you will enhance their effects.

Below, I provide you with three proposals for mixtures. Do not limit yourself to them; you can experiment with others.

Mix #1

  • 4 drops of pine oil
  • 4 drops of juniper berry oil
  • 4 drops of fennel oil
  • 4 drops of lime oil
  • 4 drops of thyme oil
  • 4 teaspoons carrier oil

Blend #2

  • 5 drops of rosemary oil
  • 5 drops of fennel oil
  • 5 drops of lemon oil
  • 4 teaspoons of carrier oil

Mix #3

  • 20 drops of rosemary oil
  • 20 drops of fennel oil
  • 15 drops of juniper oil
  • 15 drops of grapefruit oil
  • 5 drops of geranium oil
  • 150 ml (10 tablespoons) of carrier oil

The Best Methods to Use Essential Oils against Cellulite

Now that you know the most effective essential oils for cellulite do not hesitate to use them, but do it correctly to avoid problems.

Remember that essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin, as they can irritate it. They must always be diluted in a base or carrier oil.

By mixing them with a carrier oil, you can enhance the benefits of the essential oil of your choice. You can use hazelnut oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.

Let us now move on to the different ways to apply them for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. There are several, and among the most common are:


  • Mix a few drops of the chosen essential oil with the carrier oil.
  • Heat this mixture, rubbing it on your clean hands.
  • With the fingertips, massage the area to be treated with circular movements in both directions.

With these massages, you will improve blood circulation and skin quality.

Dry brushing

  • Apply a few drops of the oil mixture on a body brush.
  • Brush with upward strokes.

This way of applying the oil activates the blood circulation under the skin.


  • Add the mixture of the essential oils with the base oil to the bathwater.
  • With a sponge, massage the skin with circular movements for a few minutes.

With the massage, you will help the oil to break down fat deposits.

Precautions on the Use of Essential Oils for Cellulite

Before using any of the essential oils recommended to treat cellulite for the first time, perform a sensitivity test to rule out possible allergies and irritations.

In addition:

  • Never use essential oils for the skin without diluting them with a carrier oil.
  • Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight after applying the essential oil, as some oils are photosensitive.
  • If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, do not use essential oils without the supervision of an aromatherapy professional or your physician.
  • Do not use essential oils on wounds or skin lesions.

Before purchasing the oil, make sure that it is a good quality essential oil. To do this, you should check the description provided by the manufacturer. It will give important information such as the distillation date, expiration date, country of origin, etc.

Where to Buy Your Essential Oils

When you go to buy your essential oils for cellulite, check that the manufacturer and distributor are reputable and guarantee the quality of these products.

Like all natural oils, you can find them in health food stores, para pharmacies, organic stores, and even on the Internet.

If you buy them online, be cautious and, before purchasing them, ask all the necessary questions to avoid doubts. And don’t forget to confirm the shipping cost.

You decide where to buy your essential oils. The advantage of buying online is a reduction in price and the convenience of having it delivered to your home.


All the essential oils described in this post report benefit the prevention and treatment of cellulite. Their diuretic qualities help reduce toxins in the body and regulate hormone levels.

As you have seen, the list of essential oils recommended for cellulite is very long, so you are sure to find the one that best suits your taste and needs.

Now that you know the benefits of essential oils for cellulite, you will certainly not forget to use them.

Remember that this treatment requires time, patience, and perseverance. And above all, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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The best essential oils to reduce cellulite.
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