Easy DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask: Ultra Moisturizing

If you don’t use coconut oil to care for your hair, you should start doing so now. I love this natural oil for its excellent benefits, and today I want to share with you how to make a DIY coconut oil hair mask ultra moisturizing.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use coconut oil in a “pre-wash” moisturizing hair treatment, which will get you back that moisture your hair needs so badly. Furthermore, with this hair mask, the properties of this oil can help you condition your hair and scalp to keep it healthier and stimulate its growth.

Extra Moisturizing DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Using coconut oil as a mask in this “pre-wash” moisturizing treatment is super simple.

You just need:

  1. Organic pure coconut oil (buy here)
  2. A hair clip or rubber band
  3. A shower cap
  4. Hair Dryer (optional)

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Moisturize Your Hair

Take an amount of organic pure coconut oil. This amount will depend on the length of your hair and whether it’s thick or thin.

The oil melts when it touches the skin, so you don’t need to heat it up before applying. It will melt as you massage it into your hair.

Bend down at the neck so that your hair hangs loosely, and slowly spread the oil through your hair. Apply the mask over the entire length of your hair, focusing on dry areas and the ends of your hair.

Once the hair is well-oiled, gather it into a bun by holding it up with a clip or in a ponytail.

Cover your hair with a shower cap.

You can choose whether to apply heat or not. Applying heat will open the cuticle of each strand so that the coconut oil can penetrate more quickly into the hair.

Allow the coconut oil to penetrate the hair for at least 15 minutes with heat or 30 minutes without heating. You can use a hairdryer to apply heat to your shower cap.

Once time is up, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. You may need to wash your hair twice to remove all the oil. It is important that you wash your scalp and hair roots thoroughly.

Finally, comb your hair, and you’ll be amazed at the results of this moisturizing coconut oil mask.

When applying the coconut oil mask, pay particular attention to the ends of the hair. This is where deep damage and split ends are most common. Sealing the ends of the hair with coconut oil as a hair mask can prevent these issues and keep the hair in an ideal condition.

Frequency of Application

This is a treatment that can be repeated as often as you think necessary.

In the beginning, you can always apply it before washing your hair. Once your hair is in better condition, you can apply it once a week.

With this mask, you will get longer and stronger hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Bio or pure organic coconut oil contains fatty acids that help the hair follicles fill with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Using coconut oil for hair is one of the most natural ways to increase moisture at the hair’s root. When the hair is dry, the fiber is easily broken and damaged. This not only affects the health of the hair but also makes the hair look frizzy, dry, and brittle.

The use of this oil in hair mask treatments means that the fatty acids can bind to the proteins in the hair, so the hair is sealed and protected by absorbing moisture and making the hair soft, silky, and shiny.

When the oil is used with a scalp massage, the lauric acid it contains helps protect the scalp from dandruff and lice, which can slow down hair growth and affect hair health.

Extra Haircare Tips

  • This trick was taught to me by one of my best friends. Use a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair since the shirt is very soft and less rough than a towel. Put your head in the hole in the T-shirt and wrap the body and arms of the shirt around your hair to make a turban.
  • To help your hair grow faster, stimulate your scalp by massaging it for five minutes every day. This will increase blood flow and help your hair grow faster.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners that contain NO harmful products. It’s important to read the labels before you buy. For example, there are two compounds widely used in personal hygiene products, and therefore for hair, which are often confused and harmful to health as well as the environment:
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a very abrasive detergent for the skin and very harmful for the hair as it damages the cuticle. The worst aspect is that it is present in many shampoos.
    • And Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLES) is also a detergent but milder and very common in shampoos (even expensive brands). It is somewhat safer for the hair compared to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


Natural beauty experts agree that coconut hair oil is one of the best moisturizing treatments for hair. Hair absorbs this oil better than any other.

This oil is one of the best ways to deeply repair hair and protect it from external damage. It’s a very special natural oil that works best when applied before using a shampoo.

It replaces the aggressive chemical conditioners that only clump your hair. Using coconut oil as a moisturizer and hair mask can give you the beautiful, healthy hair you crave while keeping it soft and silky without the frizz.

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