Cowboy Copper Hair: Top 9 Colors For Fall 2023

Howdy, partner! Are you ready to ride into the sunset with a new fall hair hue?

As the leaves change, so should your hair color. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with the warm, rich, and vibrant colors of the season.

I have compiled a list of the 9 most fashionable “cowboy copper” hair colors for the fall of 2023 to inspire you.

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So saddle up, because you’re about to discover some stunning and exciting hair color ideas. They will make you stand out in the crowd and give you a fresh, new look.

Whether you’re a natural redhead looking to spice things up, a brunette wanting to warm your tone, or a blonde ready for a seasonal switch, there’s a fall color here just for you.

Let’s lasso those colors, shall we?

9 Cowboy Copper Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Cleaned Copper

If you’re curious about trying the color but unwilling to fully commit, consider using a hair gloss for a temporary experience.

This approach is particularly beneficial in the case of blondes, as their light base color will enhance the vibrancy of the gloss.

For blondes, removing the warm, dark tones of copper later on can be challenging.

If you’re considering a transition back to a lighter shade, a non-permanent color might be more suitable.


‘Bropper’ is a harmonious mix of warm brown and spicy copper, offering a soft and romantic variation of the color.

The subtle hints of red and auburn contribute to the overall richness and vitality of the shade.

What’s more, it can be easily applied to darker hair, eliminating the need to lighten your base color before dyeing.

Spotlight on Rust

Among the various shades of cowboy copper, rust stands out as particularly appealing and suitable for brunettes.

Although the vibrant, earthy red can create an attractive overall color, it shines most when employed to enhance dimension or as a complementary burst of color.

Cozy Sienna Hue

Warm hues of rust merge gracefully with soft brown to create a look that’s harmonious and incredibly appealing.

Maintaining a full head of this rich color does require a bit more attention. However, it’s manageable with the appropriate products.

Incorporating a color-safe shampoo into your regimen is crucial for enhancing hydration.

Additionally, she suggests preparation of your hair with a heat protectant before employing hot tools.

Maple Copper

Copper maple, a blend of shimmering brown and golden hues, has been gaining popularity.

This shade is versatile and can suit anyone, but it is particularly effective on virgin hair due to its complex tones.

If you have dark hair, you may need to use bleach, which can potentially damage your hair.

A handy suggestion would be to bring along some images that inspire you to your stylist appointment.

These references can assist your stylist in determining the most suitable level of color for the health of your hair.

Cowgirl Ombré

Cowgirl copper, at its heart, is a seamless blend of autumn colors. Why not incorporate all of them into your look with understated ombré highlights?

The undertones of this style vary from a warm blonde to a smoky orange to a reddish brown.

These hues intensify your base color and result in a unique shade.

Colors naturally fade over time, but using a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner can help maintain your look’s vibrancy.

Radiant Sun-Kissed Highlights

Face-framing highlights are a simple method to accentuate your best features. However, this copper hue does it distinctively.

By using golden tones, it also casts light onto the middle of your face, creating a radiant appearance.

Auburn Copper Fusion

Embracing the cowgirl copper trend is straightforward with this harmonious blend of hues.

Rather than focusing on a single shade, this style enhances the warm tones by layering customized colors and glosses.

This is an excellent choice for the cooler months when you’re looking to enrich your color, but don’t want to go for a drastic change.

It not only reflects light from every direction, but you can also keep its base solid or add dimension.

Sprinkle of Spice

For a multi-tonal hair color, achieving a balanced look is crucial.

Introducing a touch of a spicy tone to a copper base can add depth and warmth to the color.

Final Words

Copper tends to fade quickly, so it’s essential to protect it.

After coloring, use sulfate-free products that protect the color. They won’t wash out your new color and will also strengthen your hair.

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