Coconut Oil For Hair: Benefits And How To Use It

Coconut oil owes its reputation and fame to its excellent health and cosmetic benefits. It is a highly nutritious product with many uses, one of the most outstanding being the use of coconut oil for hair.

Very rich in saturated fatty acids, the benefits of coconut oil for hair are incredible. Although it is especially recommended for dull or brittle hair when used correctly, coconut oil benefits other hair types! Read on, and you’ll see how.

Coconut Oil for Hair: Lauric Acid is Your Main Ally

Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium-chain fatty acids.

It contains 90% saturated fatty acids, with lauric acid standing out with almost 50%. This fatty acid allows the coconut oil to penetrate deeper into the hair fiber. Other oils are not able to do so.

To the nutritional properties of lauric acid, we must add its affinity with hair proteins providing strength and flexibility.

As a side note, I will tell you that lauric acid is a fat that is also naturally present in breast milk, allowing babies to better resist microorganisms.

Applying coconut oil to the hair, thanks to its antimicrobial actions, can protect the hair from lice. Applying coconut oil on hair already affected by lice will help to eliminate lice.

Lauric acid also supports cell and hormone health. This property is what helps prevent protein loss in the hair.

Coconut Oil for Hair Is Good for All Hair Types?

Not all natural oils are beneficial to hair, nor do we all have the same type of hair.

Thus, we will have to apply coconut oil depending on the type of hair we have:

Fine Hair

This type of hair will have good results from coconut oil.

You will feel stronger, shinier, and more voluminous hair.

Especially suitable for fine hair, coconut oil moisturizes it deeply, and hydration is essential for healthy hair.

Curly Hair

Coconut oil is highly recommended for curly or very curly hair as it nourishes and softens it.

Apply it as a mask for 30 minutes, alone or mixed with other vegetable oils, and your curly hair will enjoy excellent care.

Dull and brittle hair

Coconut oil is a true reconstructive treatment for damaged hair.

Making masks with coconut oil, either alone or combined with castor oil and/or essential oils, will be your best solution if you have weak and dull hair.

Dry or Rough Hair

For this type of hair, coconut oil can make the hair more fragile and increase hair loss. If this is your case, you can benefit more from other types of oil, such as argan oil, and its excellent properties.

Tips for Proper Use of Coconut Hair Oil

  • Avoid scalp: Coconut oil can clog pores and cause irritation to some types of the scalp (as well as certain skin types). Use directly on the hair rather than on the scalp, especially in the beginning.
  • Start with small amounts: Especially until you know how your hair reacts to coconut oil, use a small amount and wait to see how the hair responds.
  • Mix it with other ingredients: Adding other oils or ingredients will change the way coconut oil affects the hair. It can offer more benefits than coconut oil alone.

In general, the amount of coconut oil to be applied is important. More does not necessarily have to be good or better. Coconut oil is more beneficial if used in small amounts.

Coconut Oil for Hair: Which Type and Where to Buy

There are many types of coconut oil. It is therefore essential to opt for pure virgin or cold-pressed coconut oil, unrefined, without additives or preservatives and obtained ethically, i.e. 100% organic.

Personally, I buy it on the Internet and use this oil because it is of the highest quality, meeting all the requirements that I have just indicated. Of course, you can also buy it at herbalists and stores specializing in natural products. Likewise, you can even find it in large stores and supermarkets.

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